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    Within the drastic competition of LED display manufacturing field , we ,KMTEKLED display , have a deep understanding of how to survive and develop . The customers’ benefit is what we always always consider .the customers’ satisfy is what we always always pursue.

The sales department will listen to you , will offer you the best option , will feedback you the update information .

The engineering department will reaserch and develop the new technology ,will optimize the design to reduce the cost ,will offer you the rapid after service in the emergency .

The manufacturing worker will pay attention to every process ,each screw ,each soldering tin , each lamp , will try their best to restrict the failure under 0.01%.

Quality is the life of a company ,and talent is the soul of a company .KMTEKLED recruits the talented people with great sense of responsibility and teamwork . The staff work together , participate the activities together as well . We took the outside training , took the tug of war competition and singing competition which make us stay harmonious and unitive .

In the assenble line ,in the warehouse , in the office , from common workers ,company consultants to the general manager ,every emploee in KMTEKLED has a clear sense to ask , that is , what can I do to improve our display’s quality ? How can I better our service ? With this awareness in our mind , we do our utmost .

Every moment your interests are in our mind ,every moment we are developing .We aim high ,but we start from small .Many a little makes a miracle , we are on the journey ,we will never stop .And we do believe KMTEKLED will have a bright future !

Our value:          

Professional , Passional , Creative , Contrubuting ,Responsible

Our vision:            

To become the world first-class LED display supplier

Our mission:               

· Do our utmost to satisfy the LED diplay buyers

· Produce the high-quality LED display with favorable price in order to optimize buyer’s profit

·Bring a colorful and bright optical enjoyment to  buyer’ customers .

Our management : 

· Keep forging ahead a steady development

·Gether the outstanding staff with responsible attitude .

·4 S (Satisfaction , service, speed , sincerity)

·Plan , action , review, correct , improve


Home necessities
High quality light source

  • B31X
  • B1616
  • p1.667 indoor display
  • p1.875 indoor display
  • P10 Outdoor display
  • P5 Outdoor display
  • p4.81 indoor Rental
  • p3.91 indoor Rental
  • p4.81 outdoor Rental
  • P3.91 out door Rental
The  products

Project Case

  • p3 200 square indoor display
  • p3.91 1000 square indoor display
  • Plaza creative HD display
  • Stage HD LED display
  • Fixed installation of HD round display screen

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